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New Braunfels Middle School building exterior

About NB Middle School

Success in middle school requires careful planning, so students progress academically and intellectually during their middle school years. This preparedness ensures advancement to the high school levels and provides students with a foundation required to meet the graduation requirements set forth by the State Board of Education. 

Integration of effective teaching strategies will engage all students in active, high level learning while developing knowledge, skills, and habits of mind to support rigorous curriculum standards. Courses for high school credit used for grade point average calculation, such as Algebra I and foreign languages, are taught and weighted at the PreAP level.

Middle school is a time of transition, and a time when we must give students the opportunity to learn and achieve at higher levels in order to prepare them for academic success in high school. NBISD is committed to providing all 6th – 8th grade students with the tools and strategies needed to experience success and develop the critical foundational skills needed to be successful in high school and beyond. 

Doors Open: 7:35am
School: 8:20am - 3:50pm
Office: 7:45am - 4:00pm

Our Mission

Engage.  Empower.  Learn.

Vision Statement

Every student. Every day.

Core Beliefs

Rooted in history, building a legacy, and growing toward the future.

 Beliefs Behaviors Outcome
 Passion for Growth

Embrace challenges

Adapt and adjust

Get better every day

 Be the Best Version of You
 Power of the Team

Invest time to listen, care, and connect

Make each other better

Think we not me

 Stronger Together
 Pride of New Braunfels

Everyone matters

High expectation

Act with purpose

 Ready for Tomorrow